Clean Water

Clean Tap Water with a Glass
Having clean water to vital to maintaining your overall health and well-being. And it is becoming more and more publicly known that standard municipal water supplies are not as clean as we’d like. It’s no longer a surprise when we hear that our water has traces of heavy metals, industrial chemicals, agricultural toxins, and even residues of pharmaceutical products. Not to mention the intentional addition of chlorine and fluoride. No wonder the bottled water industry is absolutely booming right now.

But if you consider the cost of buying bottled water, as well as the environmental impact of all those disposable plastic containers, you may really want to consider getting a water filtration system for your home instead. You’ll get clean water for a tiny fraction of the cost, and in many cases you can actually have cleaner water since many bottled water brands have been found to contain similar toxins as tap water anyway. Find out what you can about each type of filter product before making any purchases.
Drinking Water Filters
This is where you usually start thinking about water filters first, when it comes to your everyday drinking water. There are several models to choose fro, with small faucet-mount filters as a good entry point product to larger under-sink units. Each type has its own features and you’ll also need to learn what contaminants can be dealt with at each level.
Shower Head Filters
While drinking water will impact your health the most, the water you use for washing and bathing shouldn’t be ignored either. Excess minerals or chlorine will have a negative effect on your hair and skin if you’re exposed to them for too long. There are small water filter units that install right on your shower head for some cleaner water in the bathroom.
Whole House Filters
To go one step further,  you can get a whole-house system that will clean drinking water for all the faucets in the house but also provide it for all bathing and laundry needs too. These large filters are going to cost you more but there is an added level of convenience and confidence knowing that all the water in the house has been properly treated.
Reverse Osmosis Filters
The above sections are based more on system size than anything else, but reverse osmosis refers to the technology behind the filtering process. Because it is more in depth than a standard filter, you’ll need more information to really understand it properly.


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